Carnage Street


Defend the city against thousands of zombies


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Carnage Street is a simple game where your goal is to protect the city against hords of zombies trying to conquer it.

We take the control of a survivor with a good number of different weapons who will try to get rid of all those zombies trying to kill him and conquer the city.

UZIs, lasers, missile launchers, guns, razor launchers,... these are only some of the wepapons you can use to kill them.

Ammonition will appear in the scenary to reload weapons. Catch them all, because you will need it to survive.

Zombies, zombies and more zombies. You'll see up to 50 zombies on screen simultaneously. A great spectacle you'll be able to solve with lead and blood.

Carnage Street is a very funny game that will keep you playing for a good while.
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